During my time oversees while in the military, I experienced and witnessed some very stressful or traumatic situations.  Like most people, I associated trauma and PTSD with those that served in the military and experienced some form of combat.  The reality is that regardless of military service, most people will experience some form of trauma during their lifetime.  Immediately following trauma, it is normal to experience a disruption in a variety of areas of functioning.  For instance, nightmares or disturbing images or dreams may occur of the trauma.  Avoidance of thoughts or memories, or of people or places that remind one of the trauma may occur.  Difficulty feeling close to others or persistently feeling fear, anger or guilt may also occur.   Since everyone responds to trauma differently, the symptoms you experience, as well as their intensity, duration, and impact will differ as well.  If you are experiencing difficulty following trauma, I encourage you to reach out for help.